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Revamp on menu for chip alley
Caroline Street, Cardiff
Had its chips: Caroline Street is to have new look
It may be a cultural icon, but Caroline Street in Cardiff city centre is also one of the scruffiest roads in Wales.

Hundreds of people flock there each weekend to enjoy its culinary delights - the parade of burger and kebab stores and other food outlets which have made it a household name across Wales.

But the endless pile of wrapping papers and chip cartons which the takeaways' customers discard in the road at night have taken their toll over the years.

So Cardiff council has struck a deal to give it a 200,000 improvement as part of the development of a block of luxury flats which will overlook its fast-food premises.


Caroline Street has always been popular with late-night revellers attracted to the dozens of pubs and clubs in the city centre.

Caroline Street, Cardiff
A redevelopment is paying for the revamp

Just yards from the Millennium Stadium, it is also a popular eating spot for the thousands of rugby and football fans who flock to the city on match days.

But the sheer volume of people attracted to the narrow lane and the tonnage of food and packaging which hit the ground each year is taking its toll.

The housing revamp across the road has allowed Cardiff council to give this short stretch of tarmac a complete new look.

The authority has negotiated the work with the firm behind the renovation of the adjacent SA Brain brewery site, which is to see the creation of 42 apartments.

Countryside Properties who are developing the brewery site has agreed to fund the revamp which later this year will see the street repaved and new lighting installed.

The eight-week project, expected to begin in June, will also see banners to go up on the street during future events and festivals.

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