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Last Updated:  Friday, 28 March, 2003, 14:00 GMT
Pants vandal caught on video
Andrew Roxberry smashes a shopfront at Castle Street, Cardiff

Police have released video of a man who marched down Cardiff's main streets in his underpants, smashing 43 shop windows with a spade.

Andrew Roxberry began his night-time vandalism spree in Cardiff's main shopping precinct by throwing a wine bottle at a mobile phone store.

Tracked by CCTV cameras, he then commandeered a workman's shovel from a building site and proceeded to wreck well-known shopfronts, causing damage estimated at up to 75,000.

South Wales Police released the unusual footage on Friday, when a judge told Roxberry, 30, he is likely to be jailed and adjourned the case for a week.


Unemployed Roxberry, from Pentwyn in the city, admitted 23 charges of criminal damage and was caught on CCTV cameras on the cold night of 9 February, 2003.

Andrew Roxberry lays on the pavement at Castle Street

Cardiff Crown Court heard earlier how, dressed only in a pair of underpants, he first smashed two windows at the Phones 4 U store.

"Having gained the appetite for breaking windows, he picked up a shovel used by workmen and went on to smash 43 windows in total at a further 22 shops," said Tony Trigg, prosecuting.

But, after wielding the shovel for the final time whilst approaching the main St Mary Street pub and club area, police arrived to head him off.

He held the spade aloft before lying down on the pavement - as he gave himself up.

Other stores forced to telephone glaziers the following morning included Boots, Etam, Marks & Spencer, British Home Stores and Gap.


Roxberry has a criminal record of 217 previous offences and has refused to speak throughout his arrest, police interviews and court appearances.

Defending him, Peter Davies said: "I met him earlier today but I have not heard so much as a syllable from him even though I was with him for half an hour."

Judge William Gaskell added: "He is quite deliberately mute. He simply refuses to speak.

"This is a bizarre case in which Roxberry inflicted a substantial amount of damage and faces a substantial prison sentence.

"I have one report which say the proper place for him is prison.

"He is not helping himself by his obstructive behaviour and while he behaves like this he represents a risk to the public."

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