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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 March, 2003, 09:47 GMT
Musicians record peace song
Sain studios in Llandwrog
The song was recorded at Sain studios
Welsh pop artists came together in north Wales on Sunday to record a song opposing the war in Iraq.

About 25 musicians voiced their anti-war sentiments by recording a track called Ddim Yn Fy Enw I (Not in My Name).

They are following a tradition of peace song protests that started with the anti-war anthems of Bob Dylan and John Lennon during the Vietnam war.

The recording took place at Sain studios in Llandwrog near Caernarfon.

Welsh-language musicians made a similar appeal in 1988 to raise funds for the famine in Africa when they recorded the single Dwylo Dros y Mr (Hands across the seas).

The lyrics, by Gai Toms, Iwcs and Gareth Sin, were written from the point of view of a child in Iraq.

The composing was a pull together effort by Arwel Davies, Gai Toms, Gareth Sin and Hefin Huws.

Mim Twm Llai frontman, Gai Toms, is a former member of Blaenau Ffestiniog band Anweledig, and was voted best composer at the 2003 Radio Cymru awards for the second time running.

He said: "We are raising our voices as musicians and as Welsh people because we have no other forum in Wales.

Gai Toms
The song is composed by Gai Toms

"I feel that Blair and Bush are rushing in to show how powerful they are instead of reasoning.

"Why do America and Britain have the right to do that? There must be a better way," he said.

The recording is a response to a petition signed by musicians in Wales and beyond under the name Musicians Against War.

Since the launch of the appeal by Sain and the Ceredigion office of Plaid Cymru, many of north Wales's leading artists agreed to join the protest.

They included artists such as Bryn Fn, Iwcs, Hogia Llandegai, Y Profiad, Aaron from Pep le Pew and Estella.

The CD will be available in shops and the proceeds will go to a charity such as War Child.

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