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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 12 March, 2003, 17:11 GMT
Drivers in mobile phone warning
The campaign will target motorists
Drivers using their mobile phones in the car are being targeted by police in a crackdown to prevent serious accidents.

Senior officers in Pembrokeshire say motorists making a call or sending a text message are an increasing concern when investigating incidents.

Now cameras are to be used to monitor the roads and photographs could be produced as evidence for a prosecution if someone is caught on a mobile behind the wheel.

The EastEnders' character Martin Fowler is being held in a young offenders institute after using a phone when driving a car that killed Jamie Mitchell.

Chief Inspector Roger Hughes of Dyfed-Powys Police said he wanted drivers to stop using mobiles, to avoid running the risk of an appearance in court.

Martin Fowler
EastEnders' Martin Fowler is in custody

Motorists could be charged with driving with undue care or attention and the government is considering making it a specific offence.

"Young people often contact each other by mobile phones and text messaging and we asking these people to always consider the risks when driving," said Mr Hughes.

'Line of inquiry'

"Others should stop and think if they are about to call or text someone could that person be driving?

"It's particularly dangerous for young people as they are the least experienced at driving.

Mr Hughes said police would be using all the means at their disposal to stop people driving whilst on the phone.

"We have a number of vehicles, both marked and unmarked, that have cameras," he added.

"They are capable of producing good quality pictures where it is clear to see who the driver is.

"Drivers that are caught could face retrospective prosecution.

"We don not want to fine people and would much rather they took our warning not to use mobiles while driving."

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