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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 26 February, 2003, 18:02 GMT
US landmark shines on St David's Day
Empire State Building
Landmark to be dressed in Welsh colours
One of America's most enduring landmarks is to take centre stage as part of a celebration of Welsh culture.

Plans have been made to bathe the Empire State Building in New York in the colours of Wales' national flag on 1 March to mark the day and Wales' contribution to the US.

The scheme will be the centre point of a raft of events set up for a long weekend of festivities.

This is a follow on of last year's Wales showcase of events in the US city spearheaded by Assembly First Minister Rhodri Morgan.

During a week of events everything from Welsh, tourism, sport, culture and business was promoted with Welsh Development Agency expertise.

More needs to be done to support the drive to secure inward investment
First Minister Rhodri Morgan

Mr Morgan used that trip to unveil plans for a series of Welsh "embassies" around the world - the first in New York.

This year's spectacle will feature film, music and drama to showcase the best of Welsh talent and promote Wales as a tourism and business destination.

First Minister Rhodri Morgan said, "We raised Wales' profile in New York last year and we are building on our success this year. "

"More needs to be done to support the drive to secure inward investment, boost tourism from America and attract other overseas students to study in Wales." he added.

Deputy First Minister Michael German agreed: "Wales achieves its greatest recognition through our cultural ambassadors such as Bryn Terfel, Catherine Zeta Jones and Tom Jones."

The event follows a decision by legislators in the north-east State of Pennsylvania to honour St David's Day, making it a state holiday for the first time.

The General Assembly there took the decision in recognition of the numbers of citizens who claim Welsh ancestry.



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