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Bingo caller hits Vegas jackpot
Peter Lewis and his fans
Peter Lewis's prize was a golden microphone
The best bingo caller in the UK has flown out to the bright lights of Las Vegas to make his casino debut after he triumphed in a national competition.

Peter Lewis, from Cardiff, will call a game on St. David's Day and will also perform a half-hour cabaret singing spot at the Suncoast Casino.

He won the coveted trip - and the chance to call a game - after scooping the title of Britain's premier bingo caller last November.

Mr Lewis's trans-Atlantic trip on Sunday also sees him being reunited with his wife Guillermina and teenage boy Pedro.

The family has been apart since the autumn of last year.

I'll take a few flags with me and will probably sing 'We'll Keep A Welcome In The Hillside' as well as a few American numbers
Peter Lewis

The two are travelling up from the couple's home in Guadalajara in Mexico to be together, and this year they will all be reunited in Cardiff for good.

"I am hoping to make a little impact at the casino on the day," said Mr Lewis, from Rumney.

"I chose to do it on St David's Day - after all he is the patron saint.

"I'll take a few flags with me and will probably sing 'We'll Keep A Welcome In The Hillside' as well as a few American numbers," he added.

Las Vegas street scene
Bingo is big in Las Vegas

Mr Lewis, who has been in show business for 31 years, has visited the entertainment hotspot before - but was especially excited because of the family reunion.

"It will be fantastic because I will see my wife and kid again," he said.

"I will be a bit nervous when I get on stage but I'll be okay after I sing a few lines," he said.

Mr Lewis, who works at Castle Bingo on Newport Road, Cardiff, said people at work were excited for him.

"Everyone at the club is very pleased for me, they are all saying to have a nice time," he said.

"They love the romantic angle of it," he added.

"I'm spending one week in Vegas and then one week at home in Mexico," he added.

Mr Lewis, who performed the role of auctioneer in The Phantom of the Opera for two years in London, said he could not wait to get to the gambling capital of the world.



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