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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 February, 2003, 12:24 GMT
Runaway 'bride' misses flight
Rachael Lloyd and Mehmet Ocak
Rachael Lloyd ran away to be with Mehmet Ocak
Former runaway schoolgirl Rachael Lloyd has missed her flight back to the UK from Turkey, where her one-time lover has been jailed for underage sex.

Bad weather prevented the Wrexham teenager, who turned 15 after she began a relationship with barman Mehmet Ocak, 24, arriving back in Manchester on Thursday lunchtime.

But she and her father have been left to find another set of airline seats for the journey home to north Wales following the trial which saw Ocak imprisoned for five years.

Rachael, who told the court their holiday romance had not been consummated despite her previous claims, has pledged to wait for Ocak.

She said: "I will love him forever. Nothing will separate us. I will wait for him."

Locator map: Gaziantep, Turkey

Ocak had denied statutory rape and holding by force, claiming he thought the teenager was 15, the age consent in Turkey.

The pair met when Rachael - who calls the barman Steve - was on holiday in the Mediterranean resort of Marmaris in May 2002.

Turkish authorities said she returned to the resort later that summer and became engaged in the presence of her grandmother, with whom she was living at time, and her older sister.

In December 2002, even though she was still only 14, she returned to Turkey by herself - reportedly on a false passport - pledging to marry Ocak.

The couple were tracked down to Ocak's flat in Gaziantep in south east Turkey by Interpol and Turkish police after her family raised the alarm.


Ocak was arrested and held in custody until his trial this week and Rachael - described by her divorced parents as "mixed-up" - has since been living with her father, Bob Lloyd.

Mr Lloyd said his daughter would be strictly chaperoned at all times during their trip for her to give evidence in court.

Both Mr Lloyd and his ex-wife, Karen Thomas, have pledged to work closely with Wrexham's social services to settle Rachael back into life in the UK.





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