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Boldly going into internet films

Film poster
Transitions and Lamentations is the fourth film in the series

A new Star Trek blockbuster is set to hit screens across the world - although this one was filmed in Tayside and cost about £4,000 to make.

Transitions and Lamentations is the fourth in the Star Trek: Intrepid series produced by amateur film makers.

About 30 trekkies were involved in making the 30-minute internet movie.

The team members, who come from Scotland, England, Germany and the US, make no money from the film, instead they do it for the love of Star Trek.

The internet movie was filmed in places such as a carpark and cave in Glen Doll and the Abbey Theatre in Arbroath.

The main man behind the series is Nick Cook, a 39-year-old nurse at Dundee's Ninewells Hospital.

He told the BBC Scotland news website that fellow medical staff used to point and laugh and make jokes about his hobby, but he managed to win them over with the quality of the films.

They say, 'I like Star Trek, I want to be in that, I want to play with toys'
Nick Cook
Executive producer

He believes Star Trek has an appeal for so many people.

"It's a fun show, it's action adventure, it's a morality play, it's escapism, it tells good stories," he said.

"Whether you're into Star Trek, or whether you're into football, or whether you're into collecting stamps, I think having a group with a common interest binds people together and friendships evolve."

Work first started on the Intrepid series in 2003 and since then the team have spent a lot of money and effort making the films and they take their craft seriously.

"Initially people like the idea of being in a fan film - they say, 'I like Star Trek, I want to be in that, I want to play with toys'," Mr Cook said.

"They think it's a bit of fun, then they see what we are doing and go, 'This is a bit more serious and actually pretty cool,' especially when they see the finished thing.

"They realise what they've contributed to and every time we've done something new it's been that much better than the previous time.

"This one looks really good and it's a nice piece of work and people are proud to be part of it."

Mr Cook's passion for Star Trek has taken him across the world.

He has already been to America three times to feature in amateur Star Trek productions.

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