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Man jailed for paramedic assault

Perth Sheriff Court
The court heard that Kenny was on bail at the time

A man who assaulted a paramedic on his way to help an elderly woman who had collapsed in Perth has been jailed for three months.

Philip Kenny, 54, grabbed hold of Alan McMillan's arm and swore at him after paramedics asked the crowd gathered around the woman to stand back.

Kenny admitted assaulting, obstructing and hindering the worker while he was responding to an emergency situation.

Perth Sheriff Court heard that the woman made a full recovery.

'Life and death'

The lady had collapsed as she waited for a bus in South Street on 22 September.

The court was told that Kenny, who had been drinking, grabbed hold of Mr McMillan because he felt the paramedics were taking too long to get the woman off the ground.

Sheriff Robert McCreadie said: "What right or knowledge would he have to get himself involved in such a potentially dangerous situation. For all anyone knows it could have been a life and death situation.

"What he did was disgraceful. A custodial sentence is required to bring it home to him the seriousness of what he has done.

"It is necessary for every member of the public to keep back and allow professionals to carry out their duty. It is clear he did not do that."

The sheriff noted that Kenny, from York Place, Perth, had a long criminal record, including several breaches of the peace, and was also on bail at the time of the offence.

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