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Addict made HIV threat to drivers

Campbell told the taxi drivers the needle was infected with HIV

A man who stabbed a taxi driver with a syringe he claimed would give him HIV has been jailed for 28 months.

Peter Campbell, 25, threatened three different taxi drivers with the needle between 17 May and 1 June this year.

Falkirk Sheriff Court heard the heroin addict, whose father is a policeman, stole up to 200 using the method.

The court was told the taxi driver who was stabbed during an attempted robbery was still awaiting the outcome of blood test results.

Fiscal depute Zaid Hassan said Campbell attacked the first taxi driver in the Bainsford area of the town after being asked for the 2.50 fare.

He said: "The taxi driver heard rustling and was then grabbed from behind by the accused.

"The accused told him 'I have HIV and I have a syringe. I'll stick it in your face if you don't give me money'.

These charges are, without exception, disgraceful
Sheriff William Gallacher

"The driver told him he had no money, and after a struggle the accused got out and ran off.

"The driver realised he had a pain in left hand and small scratch and puncture wound."

Mr Hassan said the driver contacted police and went to Falkirk Royal Infirmary for blood tests but was still awaiting the results.

Campbell went on to rob another driver who answered a call to pick him up from a public call box in Grangemouth.

"The accused got into the car when it arrived and almost immediately reached for the driver and said 'give me money or your wallet and nothing will happen', Mr Hassan said.

"He had a hypodermic syringe which he held to his throat.

"The complainer said he had just started his shift and didn't have money."

'Attacking individuals'

Despite his claims, the driver eventually handed over 40 before the accused ran off.

When Campbell struck for a third time, he was picked up by another taxi driver answering a call to an address in Stenhousemuir.

Mr Hassan said: "The accused was wearing yellow marigold gloves when he was picked up.

"Again he sat directly behind driver, and grabbed him on the left shoulder and pulled him back into the seat.

"He said 'gie us your money and I won't stab you'".

When the driver opened the car door and shouted for help, Campbell pushed the implement into the driver's neck before he handed over 60.

Campbell, described in court papers as a prisoner in HMP Barlinnie, pleaded guilty to robbing the three men of between 150 and 200.

Jailing him, Sheriff William Gallacher said: "These charges are, without exception, disgraceful.

"You set about attacking individuals in an attempt to remove their hard-earned money and threaten them with injury that would go well beyond what would be received by any other sharp implement."

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