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No room at Inn for Bob or Elton

By Denise Glass
Tayside Reporter, BBC Scotland news website

Bein Inn
Customers have commented on the removal of the stars' spaces

The Bein Inn is a landmark on the road in and out of Glenfarg in Perthshire.

In recent years it has also become known for its car park, which has spaces specially reserved for Bob Dylan and Sir Elton John.

Visitors would often respectfully leave the spaces free, not daring to park in the slots marked out for the music legends, or would ask for special permission to leave their car in the areas reserved for the stars.

However, it now appears there is no room at the inn for either - because they have had their parking privileges removed.

Managing director Michael Kenny explained: "It's only ever been tongue in cheek in the hope that they would either come... or come back.

"Legend has it - and as far as I'm concerned it's only legend - that a long, long, long time ago, before they were famous, they did at one stage of their careers play here.

"But the new owners, they'd like to take it forward in a different direction and don't want to do music, so they decided the past lies in the past."

However Mr Kenny admits guests have been wondering why the spaces have been removed.

People come in and say: 'But you can't take those spaces away from those guys'
Michael Kenny
Managing director

"If they saw a car parked in the space they would obviously come in and ask if Sir Elton John was in," he said.

"Some of the rooms have been named after them, so they tend to ask: 'Are they in residence?' - much like the Queen at Balmoral.

"People come in and say: 'But you can't take those spaces away from those guys'."

Peter Dickson, from Mundell Music, was one of those who created the special car parking spaces a couple of years ago.

He said: "We thought it would be a nice idea that when Elton John and Bob Dylan passed they'd actually have places reserved for them.

"The fact they've gone now is a bit of a pity, because when Elton John comes to play McDiarmid Park in June, he now has no official car parking space in Glenfarg."

However, Mr Kenny admitted that the inn might be prepared to reconsider its decision if there was a public outcry.

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