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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 12:10 GMT
Plan aims for zero waste society
The government want a huge reduction in landfill waste
The Scottish Government has reaffirmed plans to turn Scotland into a zero waste society.

Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said a "Zero Waste Think Tank" would meet for the first time later this month.

Mr Lochhead also announced a 7.5m fund to support local recycling projects over the next three years.

He was speaking at the Community Recycling Network Service (CRNS) annual conference in Perth.

The new think tank will gather views from waste experts on how best to achieve a zero waste Scotland.

The first meeting will be held on March 26, with members to include network director of CRNS, Iain Gulland.

Generate energy

Mr Lochhead said: "We will bring together the best possible expertise and meets for the first time later this month.

"I have specifically asked this group to look at what legislative steps we might need to take to achieve a zero waste Scotland.

"Everyone must do their bit to reduce waste."

The Scottish Government is due to consult on new targets to reduce landfill and increase recycling with plans to increase the amount of municipal waste being recycled or composted by 60% by 2020.

They also want this to increase to 70% by 2025, with landfill from municipal waste reduced to 5% by 2025.

The plan would also see no more than 25% of municipal waste is to be used to generate energy by 2025.

In order for national targets to be met, local authorities must send no more than 5% of municipal waste to landfill by 2025.

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