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Super Bowl star's special sporran
NFL Sporran
The sporran will be worn during a Tartan Week parade
Scotland's Super Bowl hero Lawrence Tynes is to receive something special to remember his triumph - a sporran made from the ball used in the final.

Tynes, who was born in Greenock, scored the New York Giants' first and last points in their 17-14 victory over favourites the New England Patriots.

The National Football League (NFL) asked Perth sporran maker Marcus Eagleton to design the memento.

It will be worn at a Tartan Week parade in New York in April.

Mr Eagleton admitted he was honoured but scared to be given the job of designing the sporran.

"Absolutely petrified," he said.

"You don't want to make a mistake with it or anything like that, so you're scared to death in case you cut it wrong.

Lawrence Tynes
American football star Lawrence Tynes was born in Greenock

"You've only got one chance at it and if you make a mistake it's not as if you can start all over again."

Mr Eagleton's previous customers include Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson and footballer David Beckham, but he found this a rather difficult task.

He said: "Once you've got the first initial cut into the ball that's it, you've started and you've just got to keep going.

"I started it roughly on Tuesday night, right the way through Tuesday night, through the Wednesday until I'd finished on the Thursday morning.

"It's very very hard material. The pressure that's inside one of these balls is incredible, so even trying to get a needle through it, it's an absolute nightmare.

"It's just strength, brute strength, you just keep hashing on with it and keep going."

Mr Eagleton added that the sporran had not left his sight since he finished it and he even hopes he might get an invite to the Big Apple to see his creation being worn.

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