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Probe call after dog electrocuted
Milou had travelled with the couple when they moved to Scotland
A couple from Dundee have demanded a "full and formal investigation" after their dog was electrocuted as they walked near their home.

Keith Baar and Barbara Miltner were strolling with 12-year-old Milou on Taits Lane on Friday morning.

A technical fault on the low voltage electricity network had caused a lamppost to hold a live current.

Scottish Hydro Electric said the problem would not have caused electrocution in a human being.

However the company admitted that if someone had touched the lamppost they would have felt a tingling sensation.

She was writhing on the ground and we had no idea what had happened
Barbara Miltner
Milou's owner

Ms Miltner told the BBC Scotland News website about the moment the tragedy happened to the husky/retriever cross.

"She suddenly crumpled to the ground and went into a fit, a horrible fit," she said.

"It wasn't even yelping, it was a horrible piercing, shrieking noise.

"She was writhing on the ground and we had no idea what had happened."

"My husband got crouched down on his knees, on the very spot where she was as we tried to hold her very still.

Reassuring residents

"Of course we were holding her right on to the spot where she was being electrocuted."

The couple had originally thought that Milou had broken a leg or stepped on some glass, but realised the truth when Mr Baar bent down to try to pick her up.

Ms Miltner said: "He immediately withdrew and said 'something's wrong, she's tingling all over'."

"I shouted out, 'there's something wrong with the spot, keep your dogs away from this area, she may have been electrocuted.'"

Taits Lane lamppost
A technical fault caused the lamppost to hold live current

Ms Miltner believes her husband could have been killed when he tried to help Milou, and only escaped injury because the dog was getting the full force of the shock and not him.

And she cannot believe what has happened.

"I'm angry and disgusted," she said.

"Our dog was part of our family for 12 years.

"We flew her across the Atlantic because we couldn't be parted with her when we moved here from the US.

"She came everywhere with us and did everything with us for 12 years."

Fraser Macpherson, councillor for the west end, said: "The death of this poor dog has caused tremendous upset amongst neighbouring residents.

"As one resident pointed out, the lane has a steady stream of pedestrians every day."

A spokeswoman for Scottish Hydro Electric said: "This is thankfully a rare situation and one we are continuing to investigate thoroughly, and we are communicating directly with the owners of the dog.

"However, we would like to reassure local residents there was no significant risk to them at any time."

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