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Homes in line for 'smart meters'
Smart meter
It is hoped the metres will make people more aware of their fuel use
A Perthshire town is thought to be the first in Scotland to have meters installed which tell householders exactly how much fuel they are using.

In total, 364 of the smart meters will be fitted in Alyth.

It is part of a project to reduce power consumption in the area by 10% over the next two years.

It should mean an end to estimated bills and meter readings because energy usage information will be passed direct to Scottish Hydro Electric.

If successful in Alyth, the meters could be installed across Scotland.

Radical changes

Kenny Moyes, the first Alyth resident to have a smart meter installed, said: "I only had the smart meter fitted a few days ago but already it has made me think about how much energy I use and the steps I can take to start reducing this."

Ian Marchant, Scottish Hydro Electric's chief executive, said he "firmly believed" that there must be radical changes in the way energy was produced and consumed.

He added: "Ongoing investment in green energy needs to be balanced with the development of new technology that gives customers practical help to reduce their energy consumption.

"Our ground-breaking partnership with the community of Alyth is already showing that energy companies can find innovative ways to help customers reduce their energy use.

"Smart meters are a clear example of this and I hope that within 10 years every household in Scotland will have a smart meter."

The trial in Alyth is part of a wider project which will see 2,400 smart meters being installed in homes across Tayside.

How the meters work

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