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Woman banned from home in Dundee
Police officers at the home
The woman has been banned from returning for three months
A woman has been thrown out of her home in Dundee because of her anti-social behaviour and that of her friends.

The closure order was served against the 42-year-old at Dundee Sheriff Court on Thursday.

She is banned from returning to her privately-owned property in Powrie Place for three months.

Police have said they had to take the action to protect residents in the area and that all other possible solutions had been exhausted.

Neighbours had raised concerns about a number of issues including, disturbances, people gathering in the area and being involved in anti-social behaviour and general annoyance.

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, told BBC Scotland: "It's not very nice, it's kind of scary sometimes, especially if you're here on your own, it's intimidating."

"It's a nice place to live, if it wasn't for that."

The close at Powrie Place
There had been concerns about people gathering at the home

Another neighbour added: "They're just really rude, you come in and try to get past them, even if you say excuse me they just don't move out of the way and look at you intimidatingly.

"It makes you conscious about coming in and out the house, especially when it's dark.

"It's kind of worrying that they can come back after the three months, so it's whether it causes everyone around us extra problems or whether they're just going to move on and stay somewhere else, hopefully that's what'll happen."

Tayside Police said the problems continued in the area despite repeated efforts to address them.

Ch Supt Colin McCashey said: "We are satisfied with today's decision although it is not a sanction that we are happy to take.

"Residents, whether in council or housing association homes or in privately-owned houses, should be in no doubt that Tayside Police will use all available legislation to ensure the rights of the community at large to live in relative peace and quiet, without threat or fear of criminal or anti-social behaviour.

"Closure orders are a last resort and represent a failure by an individual and their associates to acknowledge and respect the rights of other residents.

"I hope that the decision taken today will allow other residents' lives to return to normal and make those responsible realise that their behaviour will not be tolerated."

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