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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 November 2007, 18:53 GMT
Camera to monitor golden eagles
Golden eagle on nest. Picture courtesy of RSPB
The cameras will give visitors close-ups of the nest
Bird watchers are to be given a rare opportunity to get up close to golden eagles and their chicks in Blair Atholl.

A digital camera link is being created for next spring's nesting so visitors to the Atholl Estates will be able to watch the young eagles' progress.

The live pictures will be fed to viewing points in the village, Blair Castle and the caravan park.

It is thought to be the first camera link of its kind in Scotland.

There are 400 pairs of golden eagles in Scotland which are protected by law.

The species was originally distributed all over Europe, but has suffered a serious decline in numbers due to persecution and large-scale land use changes.

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