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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 November 2007, 16:52 GMT
Heavy trailer hits Beano factory
The trailer after the accident
Police confirmed that no-one was injured in the accident
A runaway trailer laden with steel beams caused extensive damage after crashing into the factory which produces the Beano and Dandy annuals.

Staff at the DC Thomson plant in Dundee had a "miraculous" escape when the articulated vehicle smashed through a brick and glass wall.

The 20-tonne trailer had rolled down a hill, picking up speed, before colliding with a car.

It then careered through the exterior wall of the premises.

The trailer had been parked beside a construction site at about 0900 GMT when it rolled down Horsewater Wynd and collided with a Fiat Punto before continuing on through the wall of the factory.

Escaped uninjured

Norman Keir, manager of the plant, where about 90 people work, said: "I'm pleased to say no-one here has been injured.

"The front end of the trailer came right through the brickwork of a production area and the masonry came crashing down.

"No-one was in the immediate vicinity at the time so it has been miraculous, given the speed and the momentum the trailer must have picked up."

Tayside Police said two adults and a child travelling in the Fiat also escaped uninjured.

The road was closed to all traffic while the trailer was removed and an examination of the building was carried out.

The local authority deemed the building to be structurally safe and emergency repairs were being carried out.

Two adults and a child escaped serious injury after a runaway articulated trailer, laden with steel beams, hit their car.

The trailer struck their car before crashing through a wall.

Police were called to Dundee's Horsewater Wynd at about 0900 GMT on Wednesday after the trailer rolled down the street leaving a Fiat Punto and a building damaged.

No-one in the building was hurt and repairs were being carried out.

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