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Contempt issue after terror case
Mohammed Siddique senior and Aamer Anwar
Aamer Anwar (front right) outside the court last month
The lawyer who represented student Mohammed Atif Siddique during his four-week terror trial last month could be disciplined by the ruling judge.

Lord Carloway has been considering contempt of court charges against Aamer Anwar over a statement he read outside the High Court in Glasgow in September.

A spokesman for Mr Anwar, who described the jury's guilty verdict as a "tragedy for justice", said he would apologise.

Siddique, 21, from Clackmannanshire, was convicted of three terror charges.

In the statement, Mr Anwar said the accused did not receive a fair trial and that it was heard in an "atmosphere of hostility".

The solicitor also said that the prosecution was "driven by the State" and Siddique was found guilty of "doing what millions of young people do every day - looking for answers on the internet".

'Simply a lie'

In a procedural hearing on Tuesday, Lord Carloway said he was concerned that the solicitor was essentially making "disparaging remarks".

The judge said: "The court views with some concern that immediately after the trial a solicitor, who has a duty of some description to the court, should essentially make disparaging remarks which appear to be directed against almost every aspect of the case.

"He seems to criticise the advocate depute in stating the prosecution was driven by the State.

"He impugns the verdict of the jury... and the activities of the trial judge."

The statement came about because Mr Anwar thought he was espousing the word of his client
Stephen Woolman QC

The judge asked: "Does Anwar accept some boundaries in what a solicitor can say?"

Referring to the remark about Siddique using the internet to look for answers, Lord Carloway said based on evidence heard during the trial, that comment was "simply a lie".

Speaking for Mr Anwar, Stephen Woolman QC said his client accepted that the media statement was inaccurately framed and he would make an apology.

Fully supportive

Mr Woolman said: "The statement came about because Mr Anwar thought he was espousing the word of his client."

The QC added that Mr Anwar had been under a great deal of strain as a result of the potential contempt proceedings.

Crown Counsel, Brian McConnachie QC, said he was willing to assist the court should the judge begin proceedings.

Lord Carloway said he would make his decision about any contempt of court action within the next two weeks via a written note.

Outside the court, Siddique's brother, Mohammed Asif Siddique, spoke in support of Mr Anwar.

He said: "Today Aamer Anwar has been criticised for a statement released on September 17 on behalf of my brother.

"The family disagree with all these allegations and are fully supportive of Mr Anwar."

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