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Last Updated: Friday, 28 September 2007, 17:56 GMT 18:56 UK
School blows the wind of change
The school installed the turbines to cut down on energy costs
A high school in rural Stirling has become the first in the region to launch its own wind turbines.

The two free-standing 6KW turbines will generate 22,000 KWh a year, saving Balfron High School nearly 2,000.

Staff and pupils hope the project will provide enough energy to cover the building's lighting costs for a year.

The total energy produced and carbon savings from the turbines can be monitored daily by pupils, using a display in the school's central atrium.

The new turbines form part of Balfron's High School's sustainable energy initiative, set up by students and staff.

Pupils said they wanted a way of getting a source of renewable energy, while also looking at options to make the school more energy-efficient.

Green Flag

In addition to the turbines, the high school is also installing energy saving devices and reducing the amount of electricity used by switching off computers, lights and projectors when not in use.

Head teacher Val Corry said: "The project has been successful because of the commitment of staff and pupils and the support of many individuals and organisations.

"We need this generation to take the lead to ensure a greener Scotland."

The scheme, which received grants from the Scottish Community and Householder Renewables Initiative (SCHRI), Stirling Council and nPower, cost a total of 51,572.

Balfron High showed its environmental credentials earlier this year when the school was awarded the Green Flag Award for its environmental work.

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