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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 September 2007, 14:53 GMT 15:53 UK
Terror training for city stores
Dundee's Overgate shopping centre
Shop managers were given help to prepare for an attack
Dozens of retailers in Dundee city centre have been taught how to deal with a terrorist attack.

Managers from about 40 shops have been attending a training event run by Tayside Police and Dundee City Council, called Project Argus.

They were given information about how to prepare for and recover from scenarios such as a bomb blast.

The authorities stressed there was no intelligence to suggest the city has ever been a terrorist target.

Tayside Police's counter terrorism security advisor said the project was part of the UK's national response to terrorist threats.

Simulated incidents

Det Sgt Rick Petrie said: "The event explores what is likely to happen in the event of a terrorist attack and what businesses and staff can do to protect themselves, their business, and community whether they work in a national chain or in a small business.

"It also makes members of staff think about having the necessary plans in place to help safeguard staff, customers, and company assets.

"This is achieved by taking participants through multi-media simulated incidents where, in groups, they can decide their responses to a series of set challenges. "

Project Argus was developed by the National Counter Terrorist Security Office (Nactso) in 2006.

More than 160 events have already taken place throughout the UK and Tayside Police have plans for one in Perth.

There were also proposals to extend the scheme to licensed premises.

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