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Last Updated: Friday, 31 August 2007, 12:47 GMT 13:47 UK
Court told videos 'easy to find'
High Court in Glasgow
Mr Siddique is on trial at the High Court in Glasgow
Islamic extremist videos and documents which were found on a terror accused's computers are easily accessed on the internet, a court has been told.

Mohammed Atif Siddique from Alva, Clackmannanshire, denies five charges related to terrorism.

Computer expert Michael Dickson, who examined Mr Siddique's computers, has been giving evidence at his trial.

The court heard the information could be obtained typing "Islamic extremist" into the Google search engine.

Israeli website

The jury at the High Court in Glasgow was shown a download from an academic Israeli website which featured articles in Arabic with pictures and diagrams of assault rifles and a rocket launcher.

Mr Dickson agreed the material was probably not intended to "provide information to Islamic terrorists".

He told the court he could tell the sites had been accessed, but not if the material had been read.

He also said there was no way of knowing who had downloaded the items from the internet, only that they were found on Mr Siddique's computers.

Police officers in Alva
Mr Siddique was arrested in Alva in April last year

Mr Siddique was arrested at his family home in Alva in a police operation on 13 April 2006, eight days after a laptop computer was seized at Glasgow Airport.

He has been accused of possessing suspicious terrorism-related items including CDs and videos of weapons use, guerrilla tactics and bomb-making.

He has also been accused of collecting terrorist-related information, setting up websites showing how to make and use weapons and explosives, and circulating inflammatory terrorist publications.

A further charge of breach of the peace relates to claims that he showed students at Glasgow Metropolitan College images of suicide bombers and terrorist beheadings.

This charge also includes the allegation that he threatened to become a suicide bomber, and claimed to be a member of al-Qaeda.

The trial, before Lord Carloway, continues.

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