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Post worker scoops 35m jackpot
Angela Kelly

A Royal Mail worker has described herself as "flabbergasted" after landing the UK's biggest lottery prize.

Angela Kelly, 40, from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, scooped 35.4m in Friday's EuroMillions draw, but was not aware of her win until Monday.

The lucky dip ticket was in her handbag and she only checked it when she realised the cash had gone unclaimed.

Ms Kelly, who lives with her 14-year-old son, said she would quit her job at a Glasgow sorting office.

The transport manager, who earns 21,000 annually, would have taken about 1,500 years to earn the amount of her win.

'In limbo'

Ms Kelly, who has been separated from husband Gerry for eight years, uses her maiden name Cunningham at the Springburn depot, where she has worked for 24 years.

She said she was still deciding how to spend her winnings.

"I feel totally in limbo. I just need to sit down to get my thoughts together," Ms Kelly said.

"My son does not want to move out of the flat and I don't want to move too far away because he is going into fourth year at school."

I couldn't even say anything, I just pushed my chair back and put my head between my knees
Angela Kelly

During a media conference at Airth Castle near Falkirk, Ms Kelly described how she had bought the ticket in Sainsbury's on Thursday but forgot to check the numbers the following day.

She said she was out with girlfriends on Saturday and spent Sunday sitting in front of the TV.

It was only on a break from work on Monday that she remembered to check her ticket.

She asked five colleagues to check that she had won because she could not believe it.

"I couldn't even say anything, I just pushed my chair back and put my head between my knees, I was so flabbergasted," Ms Kelly said.

Jackpot winner

In July 2005, mother-of-six Dolores McNamara, from Limerick, Ireland, won 77m, and in February 2006 three ticket holders won a share of 126m.

The UK's first EuroMillions jackpot winner was Marion Richardson from Gateshead who won 16.8m in April 2004.

Her total was exceeded by an anonymous winner in the UK who scooped 17.8m with a single ticket.

EuroMillions is played in the UK, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland.

What is your reaction to this win? How would you spend 35m?

Your comments:

I think it's fantastic that a normal, hardworking down to earth person has won! I'm so pleased for her and I hope she has a wonderful time spending her winnings! PS I bet her hubby is gutted!
Lisa, Essex

I pray that she and her son remain level-headed, that they stay in their flat to look after his education that they keep to the values of hard work and happiness. How would I spend it? I couldn't! A lot of small charities would benefit if I won that kind of money.
Paul, Leeds

Why in the world would anyone go public over that kind of win?
Bruce Swift, Leamington Spa, England

As a newly wed. I would buy a nice home with my husband, have lots of children and we both could retire early.
Tracy, UK

I would go on a long holiday first to make a list of people I want to give a lump sum to, family would be well looked after. Then I would definitely donate some to my favourite charities, and buy a lovely big house and employ a full time house keeper. But I don't think I would be any happier than I am today. Money DOES NOT buy happiness.
Lynda Barnett, Isle of Man

I would invest the money into a small business or even start property developing
Michelle, Cardiff, South Wales

I would give mojority to the poor and needy, and not remain selfish like some.
Nadeem Sharif, Sheffield

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