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Dogs lend paw to blood bank drive
Caesar and Nero
Caesar and Nero were pampered after donating blood
A pair of Rottweilers from Falkirk have become two of Scotland's first canine blood donors.

Nero and Caesar are helping save more than a dozen dogs' lives between them by giving to a national blood bank.

Their owner, Denis Bray, signed them up for the scheme, which provides supplies for vets to use in emergencies.

They were among the first in the queue for the initiative, which was introduced in Scotland for the first time earlier this year.

No problems

Mr Bray first heard about the Pet Blood Bank charity in a specialist magazine for dog owners.

He owns four rottweilers, but only his full-grown dogs were suitable candidates.

Mr Bray, who has kept dogs for 40 years, said he hoped his pets' contribution would help counter the "bad name" given to Rottweilers.

He told the BBC Scotland news website that two-year-old Caesar and Nero were quite happy to "lend a paw".

It's very worthwhile, because it helps dogs in emergencies.
Denis Bray

Mr Bray said: "There were no problems whatsoever. It took half an hour per dog for the whole procedure, and they were pampered after their donation.

"They got a meal, a toy ball and a red bandana to cover up the area on their neck that had been shaved to take the blood.

"I was warned they might have wanted to lie down when they got home, but instead, they were chasing the ball around the garden."

The dogs' blood is screened before 500ml is taken and broken down into its separate constituents for use in transfusions.

Mr Bray said that quantity of blood could save the lives of up to eight dogs and urged other pet owners to sign up for the scheme.

He said: "It's very worthwhile, because it helps dogs in emergencies, like dogs that are hit by a car and have organ failure or internal bleeding and need a blood transfusion.

"The more people who go, the bigger the reserves and the more vets that can use it."

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