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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 July 2007, 10:28 GMT 11:28 UK
Free vet care for homeless dogs
Homeless man and dog
A strong bond often exists between homeless people and their dogs
Homeless people in Dundee are being offered free vet care for their dogs.

The Dogs Trust has set up branch of its Hope Project in the city, which allows people with nowhere to live to register their pets.

They can then use an entitlement card to claim free health checks, micro chipping, neutering, vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

So far, one veterinary practice has signed up for the scheme, and the charity is looking for more.

'Only friend'

It also wants to hear from homeless support workers in Dundee who can help administer the scheme.

Lynsey Alston from the Dogs Trust said: "We know from our experience on the Hope Project that the bond between homeless people and their dogs is a strong one.

"Often a dog is their owner's only friend and companion.

"Through the Hope Project Veterinary Entitlement Card Scheme homeless dog owners can ensure that their pets have access to preventative healthcare as well as emergency veterinary treatment, giving them much needed reassurance that their dogs can be well cared for."

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