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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 July 2007, 15:02 GMT 16:02 UK
Time runs out for NCR employees
NCR building
The leader of Dundee council said the news was not unexpected
Compulsory redundancy notices are set to be issued to about 160 NCR workers in Dundee.

The manufacturer announced plans in January to axe more than 600 posts at its factory in the city.

The US-based firm is transferring production to Hungary, where wages are cheaper.

Thursday was the final leaving date for those who took voluntary redundancy, with all remaining job losses expected be completed by the end of this month.

A number of workers left in April after accepting voluntary redundancy.

Final total

Those who declined will now be issued with compulsory redundancy notices.

A spokesman said: "All employees directly involved in manufacturing roles who have applied for and been accepted for voluntary redundancy to date will leave NCR by Thursday.

"NCR expects that around 160 employees directly involved in manufacturing roles will be affected by compulsory redundancies. The final total will depend on the final number of voluntary redundancies.

It is a sad day for the individuals who have been told that they are being made redundant
Kevin Keenan
Leader of Dundee City Council

"NCR expects the remaining redundancy process for employees directly involved in manufacturing roles to be complete by the end of July."

He said that about 170 employees would remain in manufacturing operations in Dundee once the restructuring was complete.

"This is in addition to around 600 positions in engineering and advanced development, services support operations, product management and marketing," he said.

The leader of Dundee City Council, Kevin Keenan, said: "Although this news is not unexpected, it is still a sad day for the individuals who have been told that they are being made redundant, and for their families.

"A cloud of uncertainty has been hanging over the people involved at NCR in Dundee for more than six months, and while the announcement clarifies one aspect of their immediate future, it still leaves them facing an insecure period in their lives."

Specialist support workers at the Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (Pace) and the Rapid Reaction team have spent the past few months trying to retrain and find new jobs for former NCR staff.

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