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Last Updated: Friday, 4 May 2007, 12:51 GMT 13:51 UK
SNP take major seats from Labour
Joe Fitzpatrick
Joe Fitzpatrick said hard work won the SNP Dundee West
Dundee has become an "SNP city" after the Nationalists took control of both of its Scottish Parliament seats.

The party snatched the Dundee West seat from Scottish Labour, while managing to hold on to Dundee East.

Joe Fitzpatrick won Dundee West, with 10,955 votes, while former Dundee City Council administration leader Jill Shimi came second, with 9,009.

In another surprise result, Labour's Sylvia Jackson lost control of her Stirling seat to SNP's Bruce Crawford.

Mr Crawford, who came third at the last election in 2003, took the seat from Mrs Jackson with a narrow majority of just 620.

It is not a good result for the Labour Party
Anne Maguire
Stirling MP

Mrs Jackson has held the seat since 1999 and the loss is a blow for the Labour Party.

The Labour MP for Stirling, Anne McGuire, said she was "deeply disappointed" that Mrs Jackson had been ousted.

She said: "It is not a good result for the Labour Party.

"Bruce Crawford is not an unknown quantity in Stirling. He's an MSP on the list for that part of the country so he's obviously built up a local profile.

By putting their trust in me they have put their trust in Alex Salmond and their hope for a more successful Scotland
Joe Fitzpatrick
SNP MSP for Dundee West

"We fought a good campaign and a worthy campaign and we'll obviously have to reflect on it over the next few weeks.

"At the moment I feel for Sylvia Jackson who is recognised as a hard-working member of the Scottish Parliament. It's a pity that she has lost her seat this evening."

Labour's Cathy Peattie managed to hold on to the Falkirk East constituency winning a majority of 1,872 over the SNP's Annabelle Ewing.

But that party failed to win back the Falkirk West seat.

It had hoped to regain control of the seat after Independent MSP Dennis Canavan announced his decision to stand down prior to the election.

Mr Canavan previously served as a Labour MP, but left the party to stand as an independent at Holyrood.

'Hard work'

Labour were also hit badly in the regional lists, failing to get any candidates elected in the Scotland Central and Mid Scotland and Fife regions.

Five SNP candidates were selected for Scotland Central along with one Conservative and one Liberal Democrat.

While in the Mid Scotland and Fife regional list voters elected three Conservative candidates, including deputy leader of the Scottish Conservatives Murdo Fraser, along with two SNP candidates, one Lib Dem and one Green party member.

SNP campaign manager Angus Robertson described the results as "sensational".

Dundee West, one of the top SNP target seats, was previously represented by Kate MacLean, who decided not to seek re-election.

Increased majority

Newly elected Mr Fitzpatrick said the seat was won through hard work.

He said: "This election was fought between hope and fear. The people of Dundee West chose the politics of hope.

"By putting their trust in me they have put their trust in Alex Salmond and their hope for a more successful Scotland."

Elsewhere in the Tayside and Central areas, the SNP's Shona Robison held the Dundee East constituency, massively increasing her majority from 90 votes to 4,524.

While the SNP's Andrew Welsh held on to his Angus seat with a 4,243 majority. Party colleague Keith Brown retained his Ochil seat in Clackmannanshire but with a much smaller margin of just 490.

SNP Stalwarts Roseanna Cunningham and John Swinney were forced to wait until Friday afternoon before finding out they had held on to their respective seats of Perth and Tayside North.

A technical problem with the software used to count the ballot papers had forced the vote to be suspended.

Mr Swinney maintained his Tayside North constituency with a majority of 7,584 over Scottish Conservative deputy leader Murdo Fraser while Miss Cunningham had a majority of 2,495 for Perth.

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