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Councillors to cycle to meetings
The council is urging all its staff to take part in the scheme
Councillors in Clackmannanshire are being asked to cycle to and from meetings in a bid to be more environmentally friendly.

A fleet of eight bikes, including a folding cycle for use on public transport, are being offered to all workers at the local authority.

Those behind the scheme say they hope it will reduce the need for cars.

Each of the bikes will be provided with safety equipment, like helmets and reflective clothing and trouser clips.

Principal transport planner Lesley Deans said staff at the council would have to pass a "wobble test" before they would be given use of the bikes.

She also acknowledged that as yet, not many of the area's councillors had enquired after the cycles. Clackmannanshire Council is Scotland's smallest local authority.

'A to B'

She said: "We're such a small local authority that you don't really need a car to get from A to B.

"Taking a bike makes much more sense and you don't have to worry about parking spaces either.

"The councillors seem a bit preoccupied by the election at the moment and so we've not heard that much from them but I'm sure once the election is over they will be in touch."

The 'pool' bikes will be available to staff based at Greenfield House, Lime Tree House, Kilncraigs and Marshill.

The bikes were given to Clackmannanshire Council by SEStran, the South East of Scotland Transport Partnership, a body of eight local authorities set up to address public transport issues. I

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