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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 February 2007, 16:23 GMT
Falkirk approves council tax rise
Council tax bill
Falkirk's council tax rise is below the rate of inflation
Falkirk Council has agreed council tax rises of 2.4% for 2007-08.

The move means Band D council tax will be set at 1,070 for the coming year, an increase of 25.

The authority, which also approved average council rent rises of 2.5%, said it was under "enormous funding pressure" from the Scottish Executive.

Falkirk's decision came as Finance Minister Tom McCabe urged all local authorities to keep their council tax rises to a minimum.

Falkirk Council leader David Alexander said: "Despite the enormous funding pressure placed upon us by central government, achieving a rise of only 2.4%, below the current inflation rate, is a very positive achievement."

The local authority also approved a revenue budget of 277m, which it said would be used to improve services such as education, social work and housing.

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