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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 December 2006, 12:13 GMT
Move to contact airmen families
Polish Spitfire war pilots were trained in Scotland
A group of air cadets has launched a research project to track down the relatives of Polish pilots who died in Scotland during World War II.

The pilots were based at RAF Grangemouth, which served as a base for airmen from all over Europe.

Youngsters from the local Air Training Corps are hoping to gain information on men who died, not in combat, but during training exercises on Scottish soil.

They hoped to arrange a visit involving families during 2007.

RAF Grangemouth, which served as major air centre until 1949, was also where polish Spitfire pilots were trained.

The men who died on exercises are buried in Grandsable Cemetery and it was there, on Remembrance Sunday, that cadets noticed their graves and embarked on a project to find out who they were.

They have been combing letters, log books and records for information.

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