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Last Updated: Monday, 24 July 2006, 23:33 GMT 00:33 UK
Dundee space company wins praise
Nasa astronauts
Nasa is among the clients of Star-Dundee
A Dundee company which has exported space technology to Nasa has won praise from the Scottish Executive.

Star-Dundee has also had its products taken up by the European Space Agency and the US Naval Research Laboratory.

The company was formed as a spin-off from Dundee University's space technology centre.

It has used 100,000 from the executive's Smart scheme for innovation to support research and development for a number of projects.

Deputy Enterprise Minister Allan Wilson said the work being done at Star-Dundee showed Scotland to be at the cutting edge of innovative technology.

Innovation 'inherently risky'

He added: "Space technology will become increasingly relevant to Scotland next year when the Association of Space Explorers Congress will bring hundreds of people involved in space exploration, including astronauts, to the UK for the first time."

Star-Dundee managing director Dr Steve Parkes said the Smart award in 2002 helped produce the firm's most successful project so far.

It assisted with the development of the SpaceWire Link Analyser - a piece of equipment for monitoring information.

Dr Parkes said: "Our research is having a major impact internationally and our equipment is being used on many high-profile space missions.

"We are pushing back the technological frontiers and that requires innovation and is inherently risky.

"The Smart award enables us to take that risk without putting the company on the line."

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