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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 June 2006, 10:34 GMT 11:34 UK
Dundee 'most car-friendly place'
The list was compiled using a variety of public information sources
Dundee has been ranked the most car-friendly place in Britain, according to a survey carried out by an insurance company.

Researchers took several factors into account to find the best driving deal, including petrol prices, car parking facilities and vehicle crime.

Edinburgh was ranked sixth, Aberdeen eighth and Glasgow won 35th place.

Cardiff came bottom, which was among the worst for car crime, high petrol prices and the number of speed cameras.

Dundee performed in all categories ahead of its rivals, which in the top five comprised Blackpool, Ipswich, Portsmouth and Southend.

Driver complaints

The research, carried out by Virgin Money, also found Edinburgh to have the cheapest petrol.

Jason Wyer-Smith, of Virgin Money Car Insurance, said: "Every motorist will have their own complaints about their home town and its driving experience.

"There are bound to be drivers in Dundee who cannot believe their city is car-friendly just as there will be people in Cardiff who love driving there."

The research was carried out in May using public sources like the Office of National Statistics, websites and the Association of British Drivers.


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