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Restoration plan for old cemetery
Project backers say the cemetery is badly in need of attention
An ancient cemetery in the shadow of Stirling Castle is to be restored as a unique heritage site.

It is hoped the original character of Old Town Cemetery, which dates back to the 16th century, can be reinstated and that public access can be improved.

The project, being steered by Stirling Council, has been boosted by funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The cost of the restoration is estimated at 1.67m and the council hopes to attract further funding.

The Lottery Fund, which has confirmed a grant award of 67,000, jointly funded by Stirling Council, will be used to develop the project further.

Urban heritage site

Luke Fisher, a grant officer with the Heritage Lottery Fund, said the cemetery was a hugely important record of Stirling's history.

"It is, however, badly in need of attention so we are delighted to award this grant to help develop a project which will transform the cemetery for the benefit of the local community and visitors to the city," he said.

The project will form a part of a vision to make Stirling's Old Town one of the most attractive urban heritage sites in Europe.

John Paterson, a director of Stirling City Heritage Trust, said: "This is a site of significant historical interest which has suffered from under-investment and neglect for a number of years.

"We want to create something here which will complement other attractions in this area, such as the Old Town Jail, Mars Walk and the Church of the Holy Rude."

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