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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 June 2006, 15:31 GMT 16:31 UK
Boy's petrol bomb revolution bid
Jamie Hoggan
Hoggan was found guilty following a trial in Alloa
A schoolboy has been found guilty of throwing petrol bombs at a council headquarters in an attempted anti-English rebellion.

A court heard how Jamie Hoggan, 16, and a 15-year-old friend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, targeted Clackmannanshire Council's offices.

They were said to have used the petrol bombs as a call to arms.

The verdict came after a jury trial at Alloa Sheriff Court and sentence was deferred for background reports.

Hoggan, who had denied wilful fire-raising, threw the petrol bombs at the council buildings in Alloa last August as part of a campaign seeking Scotland's withdrawal from the UK.

The two were said to be part of a group called Scottish Freedom Force and had targeted the building as the centre for local government.

Hoggan and his friend lit cloths stuck in bottles filled with petrol and threw them at Greenfield House, setting fire to shrubs near the building.

No one was injured in the incident.

He's hardly ever out the door so how he can be involved with some sort of group is beyond me
Hoggan's mother Roberta

Hoggan's mother Roberta, 39, said her son had spent the evening of the incident at home with her.

Speaking after the verdict, she said: "I know they've made their decision but he was with me that night and I stand by that.

"I know I told the truth."

Asked about his involvement in the anti-English group, she said: "He's hardly ever out the door so how he can be involved with some sort of group is beyond me."

Commenting on her son's 15-year-old friend, who has already been discharged by the Children's Panel after admitting the offence, she said: "The so-called accomplice got off scot free - not even a slap on the wrist."

See Hoggan deny any involvement

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