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Tag woman fined for TV appearance
Trisha Goddard
Trisha Goddard, who presents the show on which Byrne appeared
A teenager who broke her tagging order by appearing on a national television chatshow has been fined 100.

Kelly Byrne admitted defying a curfew by travelling to London and appearing as a guest on the Trisha show.

Byrne, 19, claimed she had called the Channel 5 show's producers beforehand and they had assured her it would be "all right" to go on the show.

At Perth Sheriff Court, she admitted breaching a restriction of liberty order earlier imposed on her.

She flouted the order by spending two nights away from her home in Blackford, Perthshire.

'Lost ticket'

Byrne was put up in a London hotel prior to recording the show on 3 March, during which she was seen brawling with her lover's ex-girlfriend.

Her solicitor Paul Ralph told the court that she had been invited to take part in the programme, presented by Trisha Goddard, after her family history came to the notice of TV producers.

Mr Ralph told Sheriff Michael Fletcher: "My lordship, as a working man, you may not be so familiar with it as it is on during daytime, but others in your lordship's house may be aware of it."

Byrne travelled to London for the programme, but on her return to Scotland lost her ticket and spent a night in Edinburgh, missing two nights of her curfew.

Shouting match

On Tuesday, Sheriff Fletcher noted that the original tagging order had run its course and she was no longer on a curfew.

He said there was no point getting the equipment back to her home for the sake of two more days and would fine her 100 instead.

Byrne had been ordered to stay at home every night from 2000 BST until 0800 BST.

The TV show, which aired on 21 March, featured Byrne talking about her relationships with her mother's and aunt's boyfriends and included her in a shouting match with her lover's ex-partner.

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