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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 May 2006, 13:52 GMT 14:52 UK
First osprey hatches in reserve
Osprey - generic
More eggs are expected to hatch in the coming days.
The season's first osprey chick has hatched at the Loch of the Lowes Wildlife Reserve in Perthshire.

The first chick hatched on Tuesday night from one of three eggs laid by the female on Easter Monday.

The chick's arrival was watched by volunteers and staff at the reserve near Dunkeld.

Workers there have been taking part in Osprey Watch, a 24-hour daily protection programme for the birds during breeding time.

Andrea Williams, Perthshire Reserves Ranger for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, said anticipation that one of the eggs would hatch had been building for several days.

Flight plan

"Each time a chick breaks free from the shell, it's an amazing experience and at Loch of the Lowes we know one more chick means a greater chance of survival in the long term for this spectacular species," she said.

Two more eggs at the reserve are expected to hatch over the next five days.

The adult female will shelter the chicks for the first 10 days of their lives and at six weeks will be able to feed themselves with food brought by their parents.

They are due to attempt their first flights in about seven weeks.

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