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Last Updated: Monday, 8 May 2006, 13:28 GMT 14:28 UK
New move to abolish bridge tolls
Tay Road Bridge (picture by Undiscovered Scotland)
The Tay Road Bridge, where tolls remain despite local opposition
Proposed legislation has been launched to scrap charges on Scotland's two remaining toll road bridges.

The members' Bill has been raised by SNP MSP Bruce Crawford after ministers abolished tolls on the Erskine Bridge, near Glasgow.

They decided to keep tolls on the Forth and Tay bridges, which led to a campaign in Fife and Dundee.

The SNP said there had been enough consultation and has asked Holyrood managers to fast-track the Bill.

Coalition party MSPs in Fife and Dundee have expressed concerns that some tolls have remained in place.

The Scottish Executive said the latest phase of the bridge tolls review had looked at the management, operation and maintenance of Scotland's tolled bridges.

'Extensive' consultation

Ministers will now report on an examination of the economic, social and environmental impact and cost of retaining or removing tolls from the Tay and Forth bridges.

However Mr Crawford, who represents Mid-Scotland and Fife, said the Forth and Tay tolls must go as they were removed from the Erskine Bridges and before that, the Skye Bridge.

He said there had already been "full and extensive" consultation, adding: "I would claim that a further consultation would provide no more relevant information than that already collected by the Scottish Executive."

Mr Crawford now wants the member's Bill to be brought before MSPs to scrutinise as soon as possible.

Labour Dunfermline East MSP Helen Eadie has already sent a draft Bill proposal to Holyrood to scrap the tolls, which has been backed by Labour's three other Fife members at Holyrood and the party's Dundee West MSP Kate Maclean.

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