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Last Updated: Friday, 21 April 2006, 11:50 GMT 12:50 UK
Inmate drops Sega console action
Adam Shannon claimed prison officers broke his console
A prisoner has failed in a bid to sue ministers over a faulty computer games console given to him in jail.

Adam Shannon claimed compensation from prison chiefs because his Sega Dreamcast console was broken.

Shannon, serving more than five years in Perth Prison for attacking his own friend, also wanted cash for the 15 games he wanted to play in his cell.

Perth Sheriff Court heard on Friday that he decided not to pursue the claim, which was then dismissed.

Shannon, 24, lodged the small claims action at the court, demanding the Scottish Executive pay him 350.

He claimed the console was damaged beyond repair because of the "negligent action of the prison officers".

Damage denial

Shannon, from Dundee, said his wife Brenda, 39, brought the console and 15 games into the maximum security prison for him shortly after he was jailed in 2004.

It was claimed she had checked the equipment was working before bringing it in on 2 July, but that nine days later when Shannon received it within the prison, it was not.

Scottish ministers, as head of the Scottish Prison Service, admitted the console and games were brought into the jail but denied causing any damage.

Shannon is serving five years and three months after a jury found him guilty of attacking his friend Colin Grieve, 23.

He left Mr Grieve scarred for life by stabbing him several times and hitting his head and body with a metal bar.

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