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Village base attracts film-makers

New Abbey - Undiscovered Scotland
Mothcatcher has moved its film production based from Edinburgh to the village of New Abbey in south west Scotland

A Scottish film production company has quit the city to create a new base in a rural corner of Dumfries and Galloway.

Mothcatcher, the company behind The Dead Outside, which was nominated for a BAFTA Scotland new talent award, has relocated from Edinburgh to New Abbey.

The switch lets the company expand and also enjoy some of the "best scenery and natural resources" in the country.

A recent estimate suggested film making had generated £2m for the south west Scotland economy in the last two years.

Mothcatcher is run by Dumfries-born director Kerry Anne Mullaney and producer Kris Bird.

You can now shoot a feature film where the cost of the equipment is equivalent to a car
Kris Bird

They shot their first feature film, The Dead Outside, in south west Scotland last year.

Mr Bird said the support they received and their desire to use the region again meant it made sense to consider creating a permanent base.

They also hope it will give people in Dumfries and Galloway the opportunity to get involved in video production.

"I know there are an awful lot of creative people down here," said Ms Mullaney.

"Rather than them disappearing off to university or wherever they can come down and work here on feature films."

Another advantage is in the availability of sites to use for filming.

Kerry Anne Mullaney and Kris Bird
Kerry Anne Mullaney and Kris Bird have one feature film to their credit

"In Edinburgh, in terms of locations, everything is being used and it is very expensive," said Ms Mullaney.

In Dumfries and Galloway, they believe the costs are much less and the choice of potential backdrops far greater.

One element which has made the move possible is the development of film equipment.

"I think technology changing is a huge factor," said Mr Bird.

"You can now shoot a feature film where the cost of the equipment is equivalent to a car.

"On 35mm it would have cost about £250,000."

All of which means they have few regrets about turning their backs on the capital to relocate in Dumfries and Galloway.

Mothcatcher currently has two more feature films in the pipeline which it aims to shoot in the region.

It also hopes the facilities it has to offer will be of interest to other people coming to film in south west Scotland.

Previous films

The area has proved to be a popular location in recent times.

As well as The Dead Outside, the feature film Outpost was partly shot in the region with plans progressing for a sequel.

Other movie credits for Dumfries and Galloway include a brief appearance in Mission Impossible as well as location filming for the Magdalene Sisters and the use of Palmerston Park in A Shot At Glory.

There have also been television series roles in One Thousand Acres of Sky and, more recently, Hope Springs.

Now, with the region able to boast its own production base, it will hope to see that situation go from strength to strength.

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