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Selkirk's views on digital switchover

The Scottish Borders has become the first full region to move towards digital television.

More than 50,000 homes saw BBC Two switched off, to be replaced by the BBC's digital channels.

South of Scotland reporter Giancarlo Rinaldi assessed public opinion on the streets of Selkirk.

Carol Whitehead

It has been OK for us because we were all set up for it - obviously there will be some people who are not, but we were fine.

We have had Sky here in the square for the last month at least and Freeview last week as well, there has been quite a few.

And there have been adverts on the television too.

It just means you are all set up for it first, really.

Bob Adamson

We knew that we were going to lose BBC Two from midnight, so we just tried it this morning to see what the story was.

BBC One has gone as well but it has just to be retuned apparently, so we are not too concerned about that.

There has been plenty of information and we were all set to go.

We were thinking about changing our set anyway so we just waited until nearer the time so we got the digital.

We sat back and watched what was happening in Cumbria and they seemed to get over everything OK.

I suppose we have been treated as a guinea pig but that may well be to do with the types of aerials we have about this area, I don't know.

But it seems to all be going OK.

Katie Peterson

I think it went quite smoothly, I just put the television on this morning.

Obviously there is no BBC Two at the moment but that is the only one that is missing so it all seems OK.

I have got an elderly relative in sheltered accommodation so I did phone up and ask about things.

But everything was quite easy.

Darren Jeffers

What I have found is that a lot of people have got a bit of a shock that BBC Two has gone off.

They think that it is a technical fault.

They are not actually aware that it has gone for good - but I am sure that by the end of the day they will know it.

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