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Lost cat survived month in shed

Corinne Regan and Misty
Corinne Regan was delighted to be reunited with Misty

A cat owner has been reunited with her pet after it apparently spent a month locked in a shed.

Corinne Regan, 36, of Peebles, said she would "love to be able to ask" two-year-old Misty how she managed to survive her time away from home.

The cat went missing on 24 August but was eventually found locked in a nearby shed in the Borders last week.

Animal Search UK - which helped looked for Misty - said she may have survived by licking condensation off windows.

Ms Regan said she had given up hope of finding her cat.

However, she was phoned by a householder in a neighbouring street who had seen posters of missing Misty and spotted her in a shed.

Ms Regan said the cat did not appear to have been harmed by the incident.

"She's lost more than a kilogram in weight and she's pretty skinny," she said.

"She's been dying for attention but we haven't let her back out just yet.

"I'd love to be able to ask her how exactly she managed to survive."

Tom Watkins, the founder of Animal Search UK, has been dealing with missing pets for over 15 years.

They produced the posters which helped to trace the cat.

Longest time

He said: "I've a lot of experience with missing cats but I've never come across a cat that has survived being locked in a shed for four weeks.

"This is definitely the longest time I've ever seen a cat survive after being trapped somewhere.

"She must have licked the condensation off the inside of the windows and eaten whatever mice she came across."

Ch Supt Mike Flynn of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said it was not unusual for cats to get trapped in sheds or garages.

"Cats are naturally inquisitive and often like to shelter in warm places," he said.

"However, to survive while trapped for four weeks is extremely unusual and we are delighted to hear Misty is okay."

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