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Dog survives days in rabbit hole

Brook the dog
Brook has been reunited with owners Sheena Black and her son Ben

A dog has been reunited with its owners after spending nine days trapped down a rabbit hole in the Scottish Borders.

Mongrel terrier Brook went missing from her home near Coldstream on the banks of the River Tweed last month.

Owner Sheena Black said she had never given up hope of finding the dog which got stuck while chasing rabbits.

Brook was eventually dug out of the hole after a neighbour's springer spaniel alerted Mrs Black to the spot where her dog had become lodged.

When Brook first went missing her owner and her two sons, Jonathan and Ben, were confident she would return.

Terriers are remarkably resilient but I have to admit this is quite extreme to say the least
Sheena Black

Mrs Black said: "When she never came home that night obviously we got worried but we never gave up hope.

"Jonathan, who had taken her for the walk, took us all back to where he last saw her and friends and neighbours joined in the search to no avail.

"We were out every day looking for her but there are so many rabbit burrows on the estate it was like searching for a needle in a haystack."

The search went on for nine days until friend Alison Barton visited with a springer spaniel.

"We were only about 40 or 50 yards from the house and the spaniel was getting a bit excited and then Jonathan heard a slight yelp which he instantly recognised," said Mrs Black.

"It came from a rabbit hole on a steep banking which was amazing because we had been in the area over the previous days and never heard anything."

'Wonderful result'

However, the ordeal went on for another few hours as it took three men to help dig the dog out.

"Terriers are remarkably resilient but I have to admit this is quite extreme to say the least," said Mrs Black.

"If there is any lesson to come from this, it is that people who have lost a pet should never give up hope because we didn't as we felt there was always a chance and it was a wonderful result in the end.

"Brook does not seem affected in the least at what she has gone through and is back to her old self."

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