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Cockerel court order breach claim
Charlie the cockerel
Charlie should be housed in a lightproof shed overnight
A man has been charged with breaching a court order designed to keep his cockerel quiet.

In November, Ozzie Williamson, of Selkirk in the Borders, was given four weeks to put up a lightproof shed.

Charlie the cockerel and other birds had been placed on a night-time curfew after neighbours raised a court action, claiming they could not sleep.

Police have now taken action after the smallholder allegedly failed to build the new dark house.

A report has been sent to the procurator fiscal.

The deal to build the shed had been agreed at Scottish Borders District Court when it met to discuss the four-year-old cockerel.

It set out specified hours in which Charlie would have to be kept in lightproof accommodation.

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