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Bitten by the blogging bug
Giancarlo Rinaldi
South of Scotland reporter, BBC Scotland news website

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People across southern Scotland are starting to blog
A thoroughly modern condition appears to be affecting a growing number of people in parts of the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.

The main symptom seems to be an uncontrollable urge to post every tiny occurrence in your life on the internet for worldwide scrutiny.

Yes, it looks like an acute case of blogging can be confirmed.

Not surprisingly, when it comes to expressing opinions, it is politicians who have been taking the lead.

The proudly proclaimed "youngest MSP in Scotland", Aileen Campbell of the SNP, covers her south of Scotland constituency with the help of a blog.

Constituents can obtain a little bit more behind-the-scenes information on what she has been up to.

She hopes to update her blog at least three times a week - although fellow bloggers could probably tell her just how much of a task that can be.

Scottish elections

Party colleague Mike Russell also posts his "thoughts, musings, brief reflections, links that seem important at the time and everything like that" on his site.

Tory Derek Brownlee also kicked off blogging in the run-up to the Scottish elections.

There is always the question with political blogs, however, about just how open they can afford to be.

After all, you never know when some journalist might steal a few quotes to turn them into an easy story.

Aileen Campbell
Aileen Campbell is one politicians currently keeping a blog

There are no such concerns for the everyday bloggers out there who are happy to give you a warts-and-all glimpse of their daily lives.

One particularly fertile area seems to be views from outsiders who want to share experiences of moving to live in southern Scotland.

So, if you want to find out about the trials and tribulations of making jam, planting roses, bringing up children or other such subjects it is the perfect place.

Much of it may seem completely trivial or irrelevant but occasionally, just occasionally, you can find someone with something really interesting to say.

At this point, perhaps, it would be appropriate to admit that the blogging affliction is one which has struck me too.

I have even dragged a few friends and former colleagues down with me.

Blogger homepage
There are several sites which allow blogs to be created

Why do you do it, I am asked from time to time.

It certainly can be a lonely pursuit - especially when you suffer from what I call "scroll down syndrome".

That is when you scan down your latest posting only to find that nobody but nobody in the whole world wide web has commented on your witty musings.

However, from time to time it allows you to meet with like-minded individuals around the globe - or possibly people who think in a completely opposite way.

Blogging has had a slow birth in the south of Scotland but it is very much taking root.

Do you live in the Scottish Borders or Dumfries and Galloway and keep a blog?

If so, I would like to hear about it. To let me know about it just click here to send an email.

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