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Last Updated: Friday, 4 May 2007, 13:41 GMT 14:41 UK
Independents suffer heavy losses
Scottish Borders Council
The new Borders Party secured two seats on the council
The number of independent members of Scottish Borders Council has fallen dramatically.

They have lost eight of the 13 they held before the elections, when they were part of a ruling coalition with the Conservatives.

The SNP gained four seats and the Lib Dems two while the Tories remained static with 11 councillors.

The new Borders Party also secured two seats - one in Galashiels and the other in Leaderdale and Melrose.

Full results were delayed by recounts in four of the new multi-member wards.

Adjudication problems in Tweeddale East, Galashiels and District, Kelso and District and Mid Berwickshire forced the delay at Tweedbank.

Once this was resolved it was confirmed that a number of prominent councillors had been re-elected.

Both former council leader David Parker and his deputy Michael Cook were successful as independents.

However, there were some prominent figures from the previous administration who missed out.

No return

Former portfolio holders in technical services and education, Gordon Edgar and Andrew Farquhar, were not elected.

Fellow Independent Nancy Norman was also among those who did not secure a seat in their ward.

There was also no return for Tories Margaret McCrave and Andrew Thomson.

A total of 16 councillors did manage to retain a place on the authority.

Among the new faces are the two Borders Party representatives - Nicholas Watson and Sandy Aitchison.

The results leave no party with overall control of the council.

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