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Holyrood drama takes to the stage
Holyrood chamber
Events in the Scottish Parliament are the subject of the play
A satire on the Scottish Parliament written by a Green MSP is to be taken on tour across the country.

"It's My Party" by Chris Ballance charts the "ruthless pursuit of power by careerist politicians".

It is thought to be the first play to be written by a sitting UK parliamentarian for centuries.

It stars Alis Rowena Taylor as Iona MacKinnon, a newly-elected MSP willing to do anything to advance her career in the ruling party.

The South of Scotland MSP said his own experiences had been vital in helping to write the play.

I hope that it is enjoyable, and will help stimulate public interest in how the Scottish Parliament operates
Chris Ballance MSP

"The play examines the role of a career politician in Holyrood, an unfortunate feature of many parties," he said.

"It's a satire on a politician whose only goal is to build a political career rather than to genuinely serve the public - a problem that plagues the political system at Holyrood and Westminster.

"The play is based around events over the past four years in Holyrood, and analyses some of the things which get in the way of honest decent politics."

He added that it was also an attempt to show that politicians were human and went through the same emotions as everyone else.

Chris Ballance
Mr Ballance said the play was not based on any individual

"I hope that it is enjoyable, and will help stimulate public interest in how the Scottish Parliament operates," he said.

"It is not based on any particular person - though a well-known Sunday journalist does play an offstage role.

"I completed it in a week over Christmas, it was thoroughly enjoyable writing again and a good chance to reflect on the personalities I have come across during the last few years in parliament."

Mr Ballance is an award-winning playwright and his play "Water of Life" was an Edinburgh Fringe First winner in 1990.

He also wrote satirical pieces for the BBC Radio Scotland show "The Daily Sketch" in the early 1990s.

The show will tour round southern Scotland throughout March and early April as well as going to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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