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Dentist faces misconduct hearing
A dentist punctured a patient's nose with a needle, a misconduct hearing has been told.

Joanna Chyzy, 34, from Collin, near Dumfries, faces allegations involving nine patients while working at a practice in Somerset.

The General Dental Council hearing was also told that she used concentrated bleach during root canal treatment.

Ms Chyzy has admitted nine counts of misconduct but denies the detail of some of them. The hearing continues.

Ian Stern, for the GDC, told the hearing in London that during a consultation with one patient Ms Chyzy put a needle in the woman's gum without consent.

'Drops of blood'

"As soon as the needle was put in, the patient felt an increasing intense pain. She was waving her hands and making noises, but Ms Chyzy continued," he said.

"Eventually Ms Chyzy withdrew the needle. The woman had no sensation in her throat but could feel her gum.

"She noticed large drops of blood coming out her nose."

Ms Chyzy left another patient bleeding after she drilled through the wrong part of the tooth, the hearing was told.

Bleach solution

She then used a 5% bleach solution during root canal treatment, when the normal concentration is between 1.5% and 2%.

The bleach seeped into the mouth, leaving the patient with swelling, bruising and possible nerve damage.

The incidents are alleged to have taken place between 10 February and 17 November last year.

Ms Chyzy has admitted nine counts of misconduct but denies elements of most of the claims.

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