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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 September 2006, 17:17 GMT 18:17 UK
Bovine TB spotted in Gretna herd
A cow (PA)
An outbreak of Bovine TB has been idenitified in southern Scotland
Scotland has suffered its largest case of bovine TB in a single dairy herd, according to the Scottish Executive.

The "significant outbreak" in Gretna was identified on 4 August by Buitelaar abattoir, Kilmarnock, when four infected carcasses were found.

All four animals came from the same herd belonging to Neil Conaghan of West Scales, Rigg, Gretna.

A follow-up examination of the herd has found a further 60 positive tests and 11 inconclusive tests.

These animals will be compulsorily slaughtered with compensation.

Health risks

Mr Conaghan said: "The gamma interferon test will be carried out to help determine the need or otherwise for a whole herd slaughter."

Tracings on and off the herd are being investigated and animals that have moved off the premise will be restricted, isolated and tested.

Experts have previously said that the health risks from eating meat infected with bovine TB are "very low" in response to claims the disease is entering the food chain.

TB 'puts dairy farming at risk'
11 Apr 06 |  England

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