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Asbo cockerel wins court reprieve
Charlie the cockerel
The three-year-old cockerel is being moved to another field
A Borders cockerel which was facing an anti-social behaviour order has been given a reprieve.

Scottish Borders Council had received complaints from locals about Charlie's loud crowing in the early hours.

The case before Selkirk Sheriff Court was deferred until next month and owner Ozzie Williamson was told to move the animal to another field.

Mr Williamson said he was being persecuted over the crowing, recorded at twice the legal noise limit.

The three-year-old cockerel lives in an overgrown garden alongside goats, geese, dogs and ducks on the outskirts of Selkirk.

George MacFarlane, a nearby B&B owner who has kept a log book noting the times of the crowing, said: "Sometimes we just can't get any sleep.

"It can start crowing as early as 0230 BST but it's usually 0430 BST and it continues right into the afternoon. It just keeps going and going."

Ozzie Williamson
The owner said locals did not complain about other loud noises

However, residents living just two doors up from Mr MacFarlane said they did not have any complaints over the noise.

Karen Smail said: "I think it's a pleasant country sound, far nicer than the traffic you can hear in the background.

"It certainly doesn't disturb us at night or during the day."

Murray Smail said: "We've lived here for 15 years and there's been cockerels and other animals here in that time and it isn't a problem."

Mr Williamson said: "Obviously the residents can hear it but they can hear other noises as well and they don't complain about them.

"There's the traffic and the drum beat music that comes out of some boys' cars but I think people realise they can't do anything about that.

"As an individual, I think I'm being slightly persecuted."

Why the cockerel has been given a reprieve

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