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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 July 2006, 13:31 GMT 14:31 UK
Review fuels new Chapelcross hope
Workers have been campaigning for a new Chapelcross
The UK Government's energy review has fuelled hopes of a new Chapelcross plant being built near Annan.

Secretary of State for Industry Alistair Darling outlined the report on Tuesday, underlining the "significant contribution" of nuclear power.

Local Tory MP David Mundell claims the announcement "opens the door" for a Chapelcross 2 project.

He has come under fire from Labour counterparts who claim his stance is at odds with his party's national policy.

Scottish ministers will have the final say on any new plants as planning is a devolved issue.

The Chapelcross plant is currently being decommissioned but campaigners say there is room on the site to build a new station.

"Clearly, there is now an opportunity for new nuclear power stations to be built in the UK," claimed Mr Mundell.

"If that is the case then locally we want to see that happening on the Chapelcross site."

'Positive impact'

He said the old plant had brought millions of pounds into the area and still employed hundreds of people.

"I am sure that a new station would have a similar positive impact for the local area," he added.

Mr Mundell confirmed he would be talking to local trade union officials who were campaigning for a Chapelcross 2.

However, he has been criticised for his stance by Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown and Dumfries MSP Elaine Murray.

'Last resort'

They claim that Tory national policy is that nuclear stations are only a "last resort".

"It is now clear that the biggest threat to the campaign for Chapelcross 2 is a Tory government led by David Cameron," said Mr Brown.

"It really is time that David Mundell came clean with local people about his own party policy.

"Does he support the Tory policy of only having nuclear as a last resort or not?"

Dr Murray added: "David Mundell can't claim to support Chapelcross 2 but also continue as a shadow minister supporting his party policy of nuclear only as a last resort."

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